Mount Hope Leadership School offers 5 different leadership tracks with hand-on experience from specific leaders and pastors in the field to help you find your identity in Jesus, find your unique position in the Body, and to coach and encourage you along the way.



Pastoral Leadership Track

Don’t just read about ministry, be immersed in it! The Pastoral Leadership Track is designed to empower you—future lead pastors with the education and experience needed to launch and lead innovative ministries that will equip God’s people to be all they are called to be in Jesus Christ.

You will be guided by seasoned leaders and pastors who will challenge you to walk by faith and allow God to use you far beyond what you thought possible. You will complete your track with hands-on experience and a tested plan to build God’s church.


Missionary Leadership Track

Can you feel God's heartbeat for the nations—for the people in our own backyard? As a MHLS student on a Missionary Leader Track, you will be a significant part of one of the nation’s leading missions churches. You will be asked to step on the field and see if you have what it takes to be a local or foreign missionary. With over 300 Mount Hope missionaries in 120 different countries, we are privileged to be able to offer a window to the ends of the earth, along with insight on what it takes to thrive in missions.

Students will experience a healthy mix of relational mentorship and ministry and walk side-by-side with Pastor Geoff. You will plan and lead local and foreign missions trips while learning the art of raising support. You will receive missionary impartations from some of the world’s most faithful and fruitful missionaries. Your ears will be tuned to Jesus as you FaceTime with veteran missionaries in the Middle East. Your faith will grow as you experience miracles both on the streets of Lansing and in the slums of India.

After two years, you will be sent out having gained life-long friends, timeless practical wisdom, a wide network of potential financial supporters, hands-on experience, and a rock solid foundation in your missionary call.


Worship Leader Track

Jesus is worthy of praise! For students on the Worship Leader track, the goal is to grow you—not only as a worshipper but also as a well-equipped servant with a love for music, love for the Father, and a heart for others.

Develop the worship leader within as you follow Pastor John in discovering how to lead a congregation to the feet of Jesus, strengthen your musical skills, write original worship songs, and cultivate a heart of worship.

Jesus said we'd worship in spirit and truth, so expect through your time at MHLS to possess the spiritual and practical tools necessary to lead others into places of revelation and valuable encounters with God’s greatness and worth.


Youth Leadership Track

Raise up the next generation! On your Youth Leader Track, you will learn what it takes to be a leader in a student ministry; to disciple students, to recruit leaders, and use your specific giftings to change students’ lives.

Walk along Pastor Peter, Joanna Reeves, and their team as you discuss spiritual and leadership development talks tailored specific for you. You will receive practical training in student check-in, guest follow up, leader meetings, event and retreat planning, time management, small group organization, and more!

From 6th to 12th grade, we know that every student has a God-given destiny—and you get to be part of unlocking the potential in these students. At the end of MHLS, you should feel confident in your abilities to implement the necessary practices in a youth ministry to succeed, recruit and maintain a healthy leadership team, assemble a yearly calendar of events and budget, and lead from a strong and healthy relationship with God!


Childrens Leadership Track

When asked, Jesus described the heart of a child as one of the greatest in the Kingdom. The Childrens Leadership Track will equip you to help develop the greatest of these children. From infants through elementary, we believe everyone can encounter the goodness of God in a loving, fun, and safe environment that is designed just for them. 

After completing  the Childrens Leadership Track, you’ll come away with what it takes to think outside the box—lead a ministry that not only disciples students but stretches you. You’ll come away with the ability to lead a children’s ministry, practically and spiritually. Learn event planning, time management, developing curriculum, creative thinking, effective teaching styles, skits, recruiting strategies, and puppetry. Developing teaching teams, worship teams and be a part of leadership meetings. By the end of this internship you will be able to minister to children on a level that will make an impact on them and you!


Thank you for your interest in Mount Hope Leadership School. God is up to something BIG… and your future is destined for bigger, brighter, and better! As part of our mission to make disciples, this school is designed to launch leaders that will make more disciples wherever God leads. You will receive teaching from outstanding leaders and mentors that will create an atmosphere for you to experience the presence and power of God. Practical skills and hands-on application will prepare you for the day-to-day opportunities that lie before you. Your vision will be expanded, your faith encouraged, and you will be equipped to accelerate your life and ministry!

- Pastor Kevin Berry